How to Deal with the Heat Abroad

Escaping to the sun and heat can be one of the best parts of a holiday, but sometimes the heat can get a bit too much to handle. Here are a few of my favourite tricks to deal with the heat and focus on enjoying your holiday.

Dress for the Weather

This might seem very straightforward, but you’d be surprised how often you see people wearing lots of layers at high temperatures! The simplest thing to remember is that while less can be more when dealing with heat, it can be really important to keep your skin covered and protected from the sun. Light materials like linen can provide you with protection from the sun, while still keeping you cool and letting your skin breathe. Keeping your neck covered can also be important when the sun is particularly harsh. Remember, baggy and light clothes are your friend and keep that skin covered and protected when you can!

Plan Around the Heat

It’s really important that you remember to plan your day around the heat. The middle of the day will most likely be the hottest, so don’t be planning any long hikes at that time! When the heat gets intense it’s best to plan some downtime, perhaps a bit of lunch or a drink in the shade. Planning around the heat can help you to get the most from your day and avoid exhausting yourself in the high temperatures.

Drink Lots!

This might seem a bit obvious, but it can’t be stressed enough how important it is that you drink lots and keep hydrated. Taking regular breaks in the shade to have a drink is the best way to get the most out of your holiday. Carrying a bottle of water with you is also really advisable, this will help you to keep hydrated by drinking regularly and also help you to avoid getting stuck without any fluids! Drinking small amounts often will keep you hydrated and will really help you to get the most from your time in the sun.

Get a Pocket Fan

Fans can be a godsend in stifling heat, walking into an air-conditioned building can be a huge relief from the heat of outside. A small pocket or portable fan can be a great help keeping cool for when you’re out and about. These little fans can make even the highest temperatures more tolerable and I always make sure to keep one with me when I’m out. They can be cheaply picked up at most tourist shops or the airport, so make sure to get one or two and enjoy the relief they’ll give you.

Eat Cool Foods

Since you’re on holiday this can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy a treat with some ice-cream or another frozen snack, aside from being tasty these will offer a great bit of relief from the heat. Eating cold or cool foods can be important for mealtimes as well, especially during Lunch when it’s likely that the heat will be at its worst. A cool dish, like a salad, will be much more enjoyable than a hot plate of food when the heat is already too much.

These tips should help you to brave that heat and really get the best out of your holiday. Now that you can handle the heat you can start to look forward to that next break away in the sun.