5 Useful Ways to Stretch Your Travel Budget

A big part of travelling is making your budget stretch that little bit further to get the most from your experience. No need to fret, here are some of the best ways I’ve found to save on your travel and make your holiday even better.

Buying Essentials

One big expense can often be purchasing all the necessities for travel or holiday abroad, from sun cream to pocket fans. With a little planning ahead, purchasing these essentials during the off-season can help you to save that little bit more. Buying well ahead of your holiday also gives you plenty of time to keep an eye open for any deals in stores or online.

Book Flights and Hotels in Advance

The age-old advice of booking your flights and hotels well in advance still stands true. Just like with your essentials this will give you more time to keep an eye open for deals, as well as avoiding some of those pesky peak season mark-ups. Aside from stretching your budget, booking in advance will also give you more options and less competition for that perfect hotel. It’s really a no-brainer!

Don’t Eat Out Every Day

One of my favourite bonuses with holidays is getting the excuse to eat out and really enjoy what the local cuisine has to offer but visiting restaurants every day can really start to eat into your budget. A simple way to save when on holiday is to prepare your own meals when you can. With a little research online you can still enjoy some great local food by using markets or small shops, but at a fraction of the price.

Use Public Transport

Using public transport in a foreign country can often be intimidating, especially if there is a language difference, but try not to fret as this can be a great way to experience the local culture while saving a bit of cash. Public transport will be much, much cheaper than renting a car and you can often buy set length tickets for the duration of your holiday, saving you a penny and helping avoid having to regularly purchase tickets in a foreign language. Using public transport will also let you see the smaller less touristy sights while in transit, giving you a more personal window into your holiday destination. Researching the public transport routes or learning some simple phrases will help you to overcome the language barrier and enjoy a cheap, stress-free method of travel.

Travel During the Off Season

Travelling during the off-season can be a fantastic way to save on some money, while still making the most of your holiday. Hotels and flights will often be much cheaper outside of the peak seasons, and you’ll also have less people to compete with. Off-season travel also has the added benefits of smaller crowds and some great local festivals like Oktoberfest or the Japanese Hanami festival.

Following these tips can really help you to save on your holiday and stretch your budget even further. If you’re looking for even more ways to save then I recommend using these deals on Groupon to get the most from your perfect holiday.

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